Strategy Support, Benchmarking, Volunteers & Submission Writing

Teresa Brodie specialises in project support with benchmarking and research for numerous Tourism, Visitor Economy and Event Strategies and Business Plans.  Teresa writes and develops Tourism Award submissions which have resulted in Australian and Queensland Tourism Awards in both the Major Event, Festivals and Events, Deluxe Accommodation and Visitor Services categories.

Teresa has experience in developing risk management and volunteer recruitment and management policies for clients including Byron Shire Council, Flash Camp and the Outback Festival.

Teresa has experience in project management and specialises in strategic research, benchmarking and auditing for the development of strategic plans and in-depth audit reports and survey analysis. She has a Bachelor of Business in Convention and Event Management from Southern Cross University and Diploma of Marketing OTEN, Sydney.

Teresa has worked on numerous Tourism & Event Strategies that have been successfully adopted and implemented by local government councils.